ITA Summer Camp..Was it hard?

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ITA Summer Camp 2016

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Summer Camp 2016 Timetable

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2 new Masters in ITA

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ITA host the 25th IUC in Dublin

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Summer Black Belt Test

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Huge success at Euros 2016

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Summer Camp 2016 - Filling Fast

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National Association (NA) for the ITF and AETF in Ireland

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ITA Summer Camp..Was it hard?

ITA Summer Camp..Was it hard?

Detailed report on the ITA Summer Camp by Master Frank Murphy. Master Murphy started his training in 1974 and was promoted to 1st degree black belt by Gen. Choi in 1977. Master Murphy recently re-joined the ITA and the ITF and has been a very active member ever since. Read his bio here.

Summer camps, a regular feature of many Taekwon-Do Associations, vary in intensity and are very popular as students can improve their training over an extended weekend or longer. Having organised a few such camps in a previous lifetime and forever curious to leapfrog my learning, I signed up for the annual Irish Taekwon-Do Association Summer Camp this July in Limerick, which was an extended long weekend from Friday afternoon up until Monday morning. I did so with a mild degree of trepidation because I didn’t know what to expect. Notification of this camp first appeared on the ITA website at the beginning of the year, allowing doubtful fence sitters pondering time before committing.Then around the beginning of February, in a fit of courageous excitement and partial madness, I took the plunge as July seemed a long way off back then. Few opportunities present themselves for older black belts so this July camp was an event that I could train towards and stay focused. That goal was to meet, train and exchange training experiences with other students, summer camp completion and survival, I kid you not. 


A link to the full report on Master Murphy's website here

Stephen Ryan


National Team - Training & Selection Process 2017

National Team - Training & Selection Process 2017

Training dates and selection process Euros 2017 and Worlds 2017

To be selected must be an active member in good standing of an ITF Ireland club


For Euros 2017 the winner of the ITA Irish Cup 2016 in UL Arena will be the automatic 1st choice selection 

In the case that a division is won by a non-eligible competitor (e.g. International or non ITF Ireland) the coaches will choose the 1st person under the same criteria as the additional places in that division i.e. tournament performances and national team training/performance/attendanceThis applies to patterns and sparring but not other disciplines as the heights for special technique and boards for breaking are usually modified and lower than Euros/World requirements

Stephen Ryan


ITA Summer Camp 2016

ITA Summer Camp 2016

The Irish Taekwon-Do Association Summer Camp took place from the 22nd – 25th July in the Villiers School, Limerick. The camp was attended by students from around the country and led by some of Ireland’s top instructors as well as our guest instructor Master Jerzy Jedut, 8th Degree from Poland. Master Jedut is a world famous instructor and coach to many World champions in all disciplines of Taekwon-Do competition. Master Jedut instructed session on technical & sparring training at the camp.

Carl Smullen


Officers Appointed World Championships 2017

Officers Appointed World Championships 2017

The Following Officers have been appointed by the ITF World Championships 2017 Organising Committee. We are the in the process of building a dynamic and multi-faceted team that will work to organise the best ITF World Championships possible. We are still advertising for the following positions (roles detailed below); Arena Officer, Merchandise Officer, Entertainments Officer, Additional PR, TV & Media Officer, General Volunteers.


Organising Committee for ITF World Championships 2017


Master Mark Buckley

VII Degree Black Belt

ITA Vice President

ITA Tournament Director


Mr Adrian Byrne

VI Degree Black Belt

ITA Board of Directors member

Bsc Sport & Exercise Science

Level 1 coach & IMAC Tutor


Mr Stephen Ryan

VI Degree Black Belt

ITA Secretary General

Bsc Physical Education

Level 1 coach & IMAC Tutor


Mr Roy Baker

KBI President

WAKO Vice President

Acting President WAKO Europe

IMAC Vice President


Officers for ITF World Championships 2017 

Stephen Ryan


Summer Camp 2016 Timetable

Summer Camp 2016 Timetable
Please see attached the timetable for this year's camp. 
Camp arrival time is 12.00 noon Friday. On arrival proceed to the registration point to pay fees and have rooms assigned
Be punctual for all classes - arrive and be ready 10 minutes before the scheduled start time
We need to know where you are so please be present at all classes and meals according to the schedule
Instructors present on the camp are responsible for their students behaviour and are expected to help in supervision etc
Nobody is to leave the premises without informing the camp organisers  
Under 18s are not allowed off the premises for the duration of the camp  
Evening consultations are by request/appointment - you can request an instructor to work with you or a small group on a specific discipline 
No alcohol, no smoking, no illegal substances, no inappropriate contact  
Bedrooms buildings are strictly separated male and female.  
Participants are asked to bring their own pillow, sleeping bag or bed sheet and quilt  

Don't leave any valuables/money in dorms - please give to instructor to take care of


Stephen Ryan


Advertising for Additional Officers for World Championships

Advertising for Additional Officers for World Championships

The Organising committee for the ITF World Championships 2017 would like to invite applications for the following Officer positions for the World Championships 2017 and for General Volunteers. Please apply in writing to by the deadline of July 22nd 2016. 

Arena Officer, Merchandise Officer, Entertainments Officer, PR TV & Media Officer, General Volunteers. Click more for full details of roles:

Arena Officer

The role will encompass the following duties:

•       Work with the organising committee in planning the setup and breakdown of the competition arena including budget and sourcing providers

•       Liaise with the organizing committee and service providers to prepare a schedule for delivery and setup of all hired equipment

•       Liaise with those storing ITA equipment to arrange delivery and collection

•       Work with volunteer officer to schedule duties for volunteers in setup and breakdown

•       Work with hotel porters and staff to schedule their work

•       Assure delivery of a competition ready arena within the timeframe allotted (fully set up by morning of 9th October 2017)

•       Ensure the arena is fully returned to its original condition by 16th October 2017.

•       Any and all re-arrangement of facilities needed during the event itself


Such other work as may become necessary


Merchandise Officer


The role will encompass the following duties:

•       Plan and set up the retail area

•       Supervise the organizers merchandising outlets in the retail area and those staffing them

•       Prepare financial reports each evening for the organizing committee

•       Break down and clear up the retail area


Entertainments Officer


The role will encompass the following duties:

•       Coordinate and plan the entertainments, displays, speakers, MC and dignitaries for the opening ceremony

•       Plan the ITF VIP banquet and Award Ceremony including venue hire, menus, entertainment, transport etc.

•       Coordinate and plan the MC, speakers, ITF dignitaries and flag ceremony for the closing ceremony

•       Organise after parties at Citywest for juniors and seniors


PR, TV & Media Officer


The role will encompass the following duties:

· Work with the Organising Committee in advance of the championships to ensure the widest exposure possible for our event

· Connect with media outlets, national television, online media distributors to ensure coverage of the event

· Work with Citywest Hotel and our media partner to arrange live streaming of the event

· Produce content (text, images and video) for our social media and websites

· Advocate for the image, marketability and the 'story' values of our event at all planning meetings / briefing sessions / volunteer training days etc.

· Form strong links with the Organising Committee and Volunteer Officers ensuring all news is leveraged

· Such other work as may become necessary




The role will encompass the following duties:

Arrive in advance of arena set up for briefing and training

Assist in set up of competition arena

Assist in decoration of hotel and conference rooms

Duties during the event include:

·      Marshalling the arena, spectator access and competitor warm up area

·      Arena maintenance and medal awarding

·      Scoring system operator

·      Setup for congress

Arena breakdown and tidy up

After party preparation

Stephen Ryan