Umpire Workshop

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Intro to Coaching Course

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ITA National Technical Seminar

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National Team Coach appointment

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National Team Coach Position

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ITA Summer Camp..Was it hard?

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ITA Summer Camp 2016

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National Association (NA) for the ITF and AETF in Ireland

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Umpire Workshop

Umpire Workshop
A reminder there is a free of charge umpire workshop on Sunday November 6th in Quin TKD, Quin Community Centre, Co. Clare ( for directions).
The course will run from 10am to 3pm. 
All participants are asked to email the attached form in advance. Please send to asap so it can be forwarded to the umpire chairperson. 

Stephen Ryan


Irish Cup - ITA National Championships

Irish Cup - ITA National Championships

Dear Masters, Instructors/Coaches,

We have the pleasure of inviting you, on behalf of the Irish Taekwon-Do Association, to the Irish Cup “ITA National Championships”, which will be held in The University of Limerick, Sports Arena, on the weekend of the 12th and 13th of November 2016. This competition will include pattern and sparring for all grades, special technique for all blue belts and above from aged 11 upward and power test for black belts. Saturday 12th November is for all black belts as well as colour belts of cadet (14 -17 years), senior (18 to 34 years) as well as veteran (35 years+) categories and is open to yellow belts and above. Those 35 years and older may choose to enter the senior or veteran category. Veterans will compete separately for pattern and sparring divisions only (please make sure to email the weights of your veterans that are sparring in case we need to split categories).

Sunday 13th November is for the junior colour belt categories and is open to yellow belt to black tag aged 7 to 13yrs. Please note all black belts have now moved to Saturday regardless of age.

Please email your entries to no later than Saturday, the 5th of November. Please note that this is a pre-registration only event. No club entries will be accepted after the 5th of November. All entries should be made using the Irish Cup “ITA National Championships” excel spreadsheet. Entries will be confirmed by return of email (within 24 hours). If you have not received a confirmation email, your entries have not yet been received. Completed hardcopy forms should be brought on the day of the event. Please remember that accurate information is the responsibility of the instructor. When submitting your competitor entries you must also send your umpire and coach list or the form will be returned to you as incomplete.

Sparring for Cadet and Senior Black Belts will be run using a pool & requalification system, guaranteeing more bouts for all competitors in those categories.

Please note we have added a new “Sudden Death Champion” event for black belts, with prize money for the winner. See info below.

First, second and joint third place in each section shall receive an award, except for black belt categories of 4 competitors where there will be a 3rd place playoff. Additionally all juniors up to 10 years to green tag who are not placed will receive a commemorative medal.

Looking forward to seeing you at this event,

Master Mark Buckley VII Dan              Mr. Stephen Ryan VI Dan

ITA Tournament Director                    ITA Tournament Coordinator

On behalf of the ITA Tournament & Umpire Committee

Irish Cup 2016 Invitation

Irish Cup 2016 Individual Application (Use this in club to collect info)

Registration form for competitors, umpires and coaches (to follow)

Stephen Ryan


Umpire Workshop - Nov 6th - No Cost

Umpire Workshop - Nov 6th - No Cost
There will be a free of charge umpire workshop on Sunday Nov. 6th. this will be held in Quin TKD club, Quin Community Centre, Co. Clare. Please send list of participants in advance to 
Please do your best to encourage attendance at this event as it is vital umpires are up-skilled ahead of the Irish Cup - ITA National Championships.
Topics to be covered
  1. The ITF Umpire rules and regulations.
  2. An overview of the jury members, referees and umpires
  3. Purpose and procedures of the individual pattern point deducting system.
  4. Umpire and judge a number of pattern matches using electronic scoring system.
  5. Sparring competition and the rights and duties of the centre referee, corner umpires, jury president and the ring assistants.
  6. Umpire sparring matches using the electronic scoring system.
  7. Centre Referees - how to check the competitors safety equipment and continued to show the full procedure of starting matches with the correct bowing in protocol at the start and finish of each bout.
  8. Various scenarios to ensure that an explanation of all the warnings and
  9. fouls could be explained and discussed.
  10. Ring Assistant Role and Duties.

Stephen Ryan


Intro to Coaching Course

Intro to Coaching Course

Please see attached information relating to the upcoming Introduction to Coaching Course to be held in St. Josephs Boys School, Boot Road, Clondalkin Dublin 22 on Saturday and Sunday the 5th and 6th of November. The course will be from 10am - 5pm on Saturday and 10am-5pm on Sunday.

The course is open to those 16 years and above from 4th Kup upwards. 
The cost of the course is €100.
To register send the attached application form with the fee to Mr. Adrian Byrne following the instructions in the application form no later than Friday 21st October. 



Stephen Ryan


ITA National Technical Seminar

ITA National Technical Seminar
The next ITA National Technical Seminar takes place on Sunday September 25th. This event is open to Green belt and above. 
Inspiration Taekwon-Do will host the Seminar in Multyfarnham Community Centre, Co. Westmeath. 
The Seminar will be conducted by the ITA technical team of Master Kenneth Wheatley VII, Mr Niall Jones VI, Mr Stephen Ryan VI and Mr Hong Looi V
The cost is 30 Euro per person
To register please email Mr Ryan with name and grade of participants at by September 18th

Stephen Ryan


National Team Coach appointment

National Team Coach appointment

The ITA Board of Directors are happy to announce the appointment of Mr Niall Jones to the position of national team coach. We wish him all the best in his role and working with the existing coaching and management panel. The national team coaches and management are now as follows;

Master Mark Buckley VII - National Team Director

Mr. Jack Sheehan III - Manager

Master Tim Forde VII - Assistant Manager

Master Stephen Cooley VII - Coach

Mr. Adrian Byrne VI - Coach

Mr. Stephen Ryan VI - Coach

Mr. Niall Jones VI - Coach

Mr. Darren Smith V - Coach

Mr. Luke Laffan III - Coach

Mr. Paul King I - Coach

For 2017 Selection and training info click here

Stephen Ryan