AGM Report

AGM Report

The Irish Taekwon-Do Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place in the Horse & Jockey Hotel conference centre on Sunday January 15th 2012. 55 Instructors representing 75 clubs attended the meeting to elect the board of directors and standing committees for 2012.

Two instructors were ineligible to vote due to incomplete documents on file with the office of the Secretary General. In order to be able to vote at the AGM an instructor must hold: an ITF Dan certificate, an up to date ITF teaching plaque, a code of ethics certificate, an up to date 1st Aid certificate, a Garda Vetting certificate, a coach education certificate through the Irish Martial Arts Commission and have their annual club registration fees paid.

Master Wheatley VII Dan opened the meeting by welcoming all present and made special mention of the attendance of Mr. Aidan Walsh VI Dan, the first president of the ITA (then AITA) when it was formed in 1984.

Extract from President's Address

“I would like to start by welcoming Mr. Aidan Walsh VI Dan, the first president of the ITA (then AITA) to the meeting.

I believe this meeting to be a celebration of the individual and collective successes of our Association during 2011 hence I invite all of you to be part of this celebration with me at this time.Today you will hear various reports and reviews, you will be a part of the launch of our strategic plan and I encourage your continued participation throughout the day.


Already I have mentioned the word success, but success does not happen accidently, it happens because someone has given time, effort, planning and then taken action to create the environment where success becomes possible. Without the continued dedication, focus and effort of those involved, these successes just would not be possible.

I welcome this opportunity to acknowledge our executive officers and to thank them for their contributions to our success.

Mr Cooley, Vice President

Mr. Ryan, Secretary General,

Mr. Kinsella, Treasurer,

Mr. O’Mahoney

Mr. Buckley

Mr. Byrne

Mr Hong Keat Looi

By giving their effort, commitment and positive attitude they have continually ensured the great path for our ever-expanding association to follow. I am privileged to work with such positive people as they carry out their role as officers of the Irish Taekwon-Do Association.

My and our gratitude to you for a job well done.

Our working committees and the persons therein, because that is what they are doing,..... working.

I acknowledge them for their effort and commitment during the past year and congratulate them for their continued growth.

The Technical Committee,

The Tournament and Umpire Committee,

Umpire Chairperson,

Tournament Director,

Tournament Administrator,

The Business Development Committee

The Young Peoples Advisory Committee,

The Insurance officer,

The Anti Doping Officer,

The Ethics and Discipline Committee,

And of course our ITA Administrator

Again, our thanks to one and all.

As we today close off 2011 I believe it has been an exciting and fulfilling year for the Irish Taekwon-Do Association, we have seen many very positive events, hosting some of them and participating in many more. Far too many to mention all of them but I would like to reflect on some.

Early in 2011 we hosted our IIC, what a fantastic event that was, to have a Master who is a seasoned IIC attendee tell me “ this is the best IIC I have ever attended” really highlighted how well we had done our job. It was also at this IIC we had a new master join our ranks when the then Mr O’Rourke became Master O’Rourke.

Last year we saw how our international teams rose to unprecedented heights in New Zealand and later at the Euros, our Competitors, Coaches, Umpires, Managers and supporters are to be commended for their commitment and as ambassadors internationally for our association.

During 2011 we held our first Examiners Conference, this was a new departure for the ITA and helped all Examiners who attended to have a better understanding of the role of the Examiner and helped to gain consensus on standards and expectations at our tests. The Examiners present also had the opportunity to try out the new electronic scoring systems. These systems are now in full use and we believe they bring a new level of professionalism to the events.

We have seen the first ITF conference, which was held in Benidorm Spain where several of our high rank instructors attended. The conference involved no less than 18 modules, which included a full IIC, workshops on the Do, the ITF Kids Development Program and physical exercise science, and all of this happened over five days. The ITF used this conference as the platform to launch several of the new initiatives, which have been in preparation over several years.

Initiatives, which included:

The official ITF Taekwon-Do Kids Development Program.

The Teaching of the Do, Level 1 which was entitled Focus on the Tenets of Taekwon-Do which incorporated an Instructor workbook and student workbook, the student workbook has been made available electronically to help Instructors with their teaching of the Do.

The ITF also introduced our new ITF brand, which will help identify us in the world of various Taekwon-Dos.

Our black belt testings have evolved to a new level. With record amounts of candidates in attendance at the latter test in Tralee, which required parallel examiners panels and a split venue. Thanks to the preparation and planning surrounding these tests and to the examiners who were on the panels and the narrators who conducted the call sheets, I firmly believe the tests were conducted and hosted very successfully.

It is with great pleasure I welcome one of our newest Instructors, Master Neil Franks VII Dan, to the ITA, Master Franks moved from South Africa to Ireland last July, quite a transition I think. We hope Master Franks you will be very happy in our Taekwon-Do family.

In mention of new instructors I congratulate the creation of the new “Instructor support packages”. We are positive these packages will help new and existing instructors to get started or indeed expand into new areas with ITA Taekwon-Do schools; this is already evident from the number of applications received at the office of the Secretary General well done to those applicants and best wishes with your new schools.

As you will see from our calendar of events for 2012, it will be another active and busy year which will of course present many challenges, challenges which can and will be made into opportunities. I encourage you to be a part of these opportunities, support your association and share the successes to come.

My best wishes for the coming year.

Thank you..

Master Kenneth Wheatley VII


The ITA Treasurer, Mr. Kevin Kinsella V Dan, gave the annual income and expenditure report for 2011 and clarified any queries on the accounts and the ITA Secretary General, Mr. Stephen Ryan V Dan gave an update on the current status of the ITA at national and ITF level.

Next came the report of the ITA Technical Committee, which comprised Master Kenneth Wheatley VII, Mr. Niall Jones V and Mr. Stephen Ryan V.  The committee reported on the three seminars conducted in 2011.

The tournament and umpire committee report included an analysis of the statistics and results from ITA national tournaments as well as the fantasic success of ITA members at European and World Championships as part of the national team.

Some statistics from 2011 ITA national tournaments:

ITA Cork Open [ Junior and Cadet | 428 Competitors

ITA Dublin Open [ Junior, Cadet and Senior | 422 Competitors

ITA Irish Cup, UL Limerick [ Junior, Cadet and Senior | 530 Competitors

The report also included information on the investment in 2011 including banners, ITA tablecloths, electronic scoring systems and three 52 inch Plasma TVs.

Ms. Laura Cullen III Dan reported on behalf of the business committee, including updates on the ITA website, youtube channel, facebook page, merchandise and advertising as well as the business committees involvement in organising the International Umpire Course to be held in Limerick in June 2012.

The  report from the IMAC officers included an update on coach education from Mr. Adrian Byrne confirming the coach education courses for 2012 and new publications which will be available such as:

Innocence to Maturity: A guide to Long Term Athlete Development in ITF Taekwon-Do, 101 Games for Taekwon-Do Classes and a Level 1 Coaching Manual.

Dr. Richard Aboud I Dan, gave an update on anti-doping regulations and confirmed that dope-testing will be conducted by the Irish Sports Council at the ITA Irish Cup 2012.

Master Kenneth Wheatley VII Dan, who is the current chairman of the Irish martial arts commission reported on the launch of the volunteer ambassador awards where he had the opportunity to meet with the minister of sport to discuss martial arts development in Ireland.

The general meeting also saw the launch of the ITA Strategic plan, which will provide the mandate for the development of the association over the next 4 years. A special report will be available soon about this document and its importance as we intend to make the strategic plan of the ITA public in the near future.

The general meeting also elected the ITA Board of Directors for 2012; Master Kenneth Wheatley VII Dan as President, Mr. Stephen Cooley VI Dan as Vice President, Mr. Kevin Kinsella V Dan as Treasurer, Mr. Stephen Ryan V Dan as Secretary General and Mr. Mark Buckley VI Dan, Mr. Adrian O;Mahoney VI Dan, Mr. Pat Barry VI Dan and Mr. Adrian Byrne V Dan as directors

The meeting also elected all standing committees and officers for the year, which can be viewed here:



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