ITA Examiners

Only Examiners meeting the criteria outlined in the I.T.A. constitution and described here may conduct gradings. 

I.T.A. Examiners are entitled to conduct kup gradings for the I.T.A. according to the official I.T.A. syllabus contained in the training manual. I.T.A. examiners may also conduct premliminary black belt testings in their region and may apply to be selected for the examiners panel at each I.T.A. black belt grading.

A member of the examiners panel must:

  • hold the rank of IV Degree black belt or higher
  • hold an I.T.F. International Instructors Certificate
  • have attended an I.T.F. International Instructor Training Course within the past three (3) years.

All I.T.A. examiners must also be active and attend a satisfactory amount of I.T.A. events.

Only those meeting the criteria above may conduct gradings and sign I.T.A. kup Grading Certificates. Following each kup grading the Instructor must send the list of those who graded to the I.T.A. treasurer along with the appropriate kup grading fee. The I.T.A. treasurer will then issue the official I.T.A. kup grading certificate, which must be signed by the examiner who conducted the grading.