Benefits for Instructors

Overview of benefits of ITA Membership

  • Full voting rights at General Meetings for school instructors
  • Direct access to all ITA committees. Have your say in how the ITA is operated. A non-political environment where your ideas are encouraged and listened to.
  • Opportunity for election to Executive and Non-Executive Committee positions
  • Democratic structure, Constitution and Bye-Laws
  • Association finances are transparent and accessible
  • ITA Website
  • Promotion of your school through Website, regional and national media
  • Assistance in the promotion and marketing of your school. Flyers, posters produced and ordered by Business Development Committee to your specification on request
  • Promotional material for students
  • ITA Training manual, with detailed Kup Grading Syllabus from white belt to black belt level
  • Child protection policy and support structures
  • High Quality Regional, National and International Tournaments
  • Annual summer training Camp for juniors and seniors
  • Umpire Training and certification at national and international level
  • Direct membership of Irish Martial Arts Commission
  • Access to training for coaches and instructors certified by the National Coaching and Training Centre (NCTC) and Irish Sports Council. Opportunity to become qualified at intro, level 1 and 2 coach level
  • Opportunity to train as an Irish Sports Council and NCTC certified tutor
  • Full membership of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF)
  • Direct certification from the ITF

Support structure of the following committees

Board of Directors

Oversee smooth day to day running of ITA. Monitor the work of committees and approve projects. Resolve conflict if necessary through a clear, unbiased and transparent process

Technical and Instruction

Elected by the general meeting, responsible for technical level of the ITA and teaching of technical seminars

Examiners Panel

4th Dan and above international instructors who meet constitutional requirments. Entitled to sit on national black belt panel, conduct regional gradings. Gives an avenue for examinars to meet and train together.

Business Development

Responsible for the promotion of the ITA as a quality brand including promotion of individual schools, student merchandise, teaching aids and materials, website, brochures and literature etc.

Tournament and Umpire

Organise very successful tournaments each year, catering for all junior and senior competitors and provide umpire training and certification.

Ethics and Discipline

Readily accessible group for guidance on all potential issues and conflict resolution.

Young People’s Advisory Committee

Oversee the implementation of ITA child protection policies and procedures and organise training where necessary.

Benefits for International Instructors

Automatic membership of Examiners panel

Opportunity to sit on national black belt testing panel

Autonomy to conduct Kup Gradings within ITA Grading Syllabus

Support structure of examiners panel, examiner training and conferences