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National Team Sat July 18th

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Summer Camp Timetable

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National Team Sat May 16th

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National Association (NA) for the ITF and AETF in Ireland

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Agreed Report ITA Board Meeting July 18th

Agreed Report ITA Board Meeting July 18th

Agreed Report - ITA Board Meeting - July 18th  2015

National Team matters were discussed

Finances for national team were discussed

The Strategic Plan was discussed

Strategic Planning Day rescheduled to Sunday September 13th in Horse & Jockey Hotel – 10am to 3pm

A meeting for examiners will follow the strategic planning meeting

The ITA Grading Officer reported to the board on Kup grading fees

Those not in compliance to be written to directly

National Database now ready to be implemented

New club applications were approved

Small minority with incomplete level 1. They will be written to individually to explain their status and the timeframes involved.

Future events were discussed including the World Championships, proposed IUC and ICC.

IMAC officers reported to the board. 

Stephen Ryan


ITF Umpire News

ITF Umpire News

Subject : ITF Umpire Courses, World Cup 2016 and World Championships 2017 Umpire participation requirements.

Dear Members,

This is to inform you about the following:

In order to align Umpires worldwide concerning the ITF Tournament and Umpire Rules and Regulations the ITF - in cooperation with an NA or AA - shall organize during the years 2016 and 2017 , in all Continents, an official ITF Qualifying Umpire Course.

The ITF Qualifying Umpire Course gives 3rd degree and above the possibility to qualify and request the ITF Official Umpire “A” status at the date they are promoted to 4th degree.

All country members pay the settled IUC course fee with the exception of the approved countries that have a reduction of fees according the economic status in their country as approved by the ITF Congress members. (Ask your NA or AA about the cour

Stephen Ryan


National Team Sat July 18th

National Team Sat July 18th

National Team Training & Selections Saturday July 18th

Rivervalley Community Centre, Swords, Co. Dublin
10.00am - 10.30am: Registration & weight checks
10.30am - 12.00pm: Sparring rounds
12.45-14.15pm: Patterns, head to head format, focus on performance
Parallel to Patterns will be a discussion on weight management and nutrition
14.30 - 15.00pm - Power/Special/Pre-Arranged Sparring. 
15.00 - 15.20pm - Standards, expectation, behaviour, training plan.
Clean up and depart

Stephen Ryan


Summer Camp Timetable

Summer Camp Timetable
The timetable for the 2015  Summer Camp can be downloaded here: TIMETABLE
Some important information:
  • Camp arrival time is 12.00 noon Friday.
  • On arrival proceed to the registration point to pay fees and have rooms assigned
  • Bring spare doboks and t-shirts for training
  • Bring your own pillow, duvet/sleeping bag, towels. 
  • We need to know where you are so please be present at all classes and meals according to the schedule
  • Be punctual for all classes - arrive and be ready 10 minutes before the scheduled start time
  • Instructors present on the camp are responsible for their students behaviour and are expected to help in supervision etc
  • Nobody is to leave the premises without informing the camp organisers - this includes students, instructors etc
  • Under 18s are not allowed off the premises for the duration of the camp
  • Evening consulations are by request/appointment - you can request an instructor to work with you or a small group on a specific discipline 
  • No alcohol, no smoking, no illegal substances, no innapropriate contact
  • Bedrooms buildings are strictly separated male and female.

The 2015 Summer Camp will take place in Villiers Boarding School, Limerick from July 10th to 13th. This years Special Guest is Ms Katya Solovey, 2 X World Champion and 9 X European Champion ITF. 

If there are any cancellations after you have completed the form, please inform us at the email below so we can release the place.

Queries to

Invite and info

Stephen Ryan


National Team Training and selections for Euros 2015

National Team Training and selections for Euros 2015

National Team Training and selections for Euros 2015 

·      July 10th – all registration forms must be sent to coaches by the club instructor to by this date. Forms sent directly from competitors will not be accepted. If you are a competitor and the head instructor in a club you may send the form directly. The form must clearly indicate which individual and team positions the competitor wishes to try out for. Late registration will not be accepted.

Registration forms:



·      July 18th – National Team Training and selections, Dublin (venue tbc)

·      August 15th & 16th – National Team Training & Selections, Cork (venue tbc)

·      Sept 5th & 6th - National Team training, Midwest (venue tbc)

·      Sept 19th - Int'l fight night Dublin (more details to follow)

·      Sept 20th –Dublin (venue tbc)

·      Oct 10th & 11th – National Team Training, Cork (venue tbc)

All competitors trying out for individual sparring positions must indicate one division on their registration only. All competitors will be weighed at the first session and are expected to be within 5% of their chosen weight. This will be monitored at each session. Those not within 5% of their chosen category weight will be either moved to another section or de-selected. More information on this and about the nutrition plan for competitors will be given at the first session.

Training is open to all ITF Ireland members red belt and above

Each session costs 10 Euro. This is to be paid at the start of each session. This goes towards covering the costs of insurance, hall rental, van rental etc.

Everyone is expected to arrive at least 20 minutes ahead of the start time to set up the venues, lay mats etc.

A schedule of payments will be issued by the managers asap. All competitors must pay the deposits on time, according to the dates outlined by management.

Stephen Ryan


Strategic Planning Day

Strategic Planning Day

This meeting is postponed until September when less instructors will be on holidays and the majority will be able to attend. 

The plan will outline our goals as an association for 2016 to 2020. This is an excellent opportunity for you to have your voice hear in the future development of the ITA. The planning day is open to all ITA Black Belts aged 18+ 

Please confirm your attendance by emailing by Tuesday July 14th so we can book the appropriate amount of refreshments etc. 


09:30-10:00 Arrival and Tea/Coffee at the café

10:00-10:45 Introduction, Welcome and review of 2011-2015 plan

10:45-11:30 Status check and SWOT analysis (breakout groups)

11:45-12:45 Identification of key goals for 2016-2020 (breakout groups)

12:45-13:45 Lunch

13:45-14:45 Prioritisation and resourcing of goals (breakout groups)

14:45-15:00 Break

15:00-15:30 Comments and closing

Please find a copy of the ITA Strategic Plan for 2011 to 2015 at this link. All attendees are asked to review this document in advance of the upcoming meeting: 

Stephen Ryan