Black Belt Grading

The 2015 Summer Black Belt Grading will take place in Rathcoole Community Centre on June 6th & 7th. 

Candidates need to arrive by 9.00am each day.

Call Sheet Black Belt Grading (Updated Jan 2015)

Application form (includes individual application form, PAR Q physical activity readiness questionnaire, and club form) All parts to be completed and sent to ITA Secretary General.

Guidelines for ITA Black Belt Grading

How to organise an ITA black belt grading

ITF Bylaws (please go to section on grading requirements and waiting periods)

ITA Bylaws (please pay special attention to black belt grading requirements, umpire incentives, bonus marks etc)

Fully completed application forms along with a Jpeg photo of the candidate (max. size 200kb) to be emailed to the Secretary General ( by Sunday November 24th. 

The score sheets from the preliminary grading should also accompany the application.

Please ensure the following fees are paid to the ITA treasurer on the day of the grading in cash or cheque/draft made payable to ITA, those who do not have all fees and documents will not be allowed to test. These fees may also be paid in advance by sending to ITA Treasurer, Mr. Kevin Kinsella, 13 Iniscarraig, Ennis, Co. Clare:

  • 1st Dan = 80 Euro  ITF certificate fee + 50 Euro Grading fee = 130 Euro
  • 2nd Dan = 120 Euro ITF certificate fee + 50 Euro Grading fee = 170 Euro
  • 3rd Dan = 160 Euro ITF certificate fee + 50 Euro Grading fee = 210 Euro
  • 4th Dan = 240 Euro ITF certificate fee + 50 Euro Grading fee = 290 Euro
  • 5th Dan = 320 Euro ITF certificate fee + 50 Euro Grading fee = 370 Euro 


Black Belt Score Sheet (June 2013 Update)

Minutes of ITA Examiners Conference 2011

Minutes of ITA Examiners Conference 2012

Minutes of ITA Examiners Conference 2013

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