ITA Merchandise

The following ITA merchandise is available by contacting Ms. Laura Ryan of the ITA Business Committee

ITA Training Manual - revised 2nd Edition

This manual contains the official ITA syllabus from white belt to black belt and is a must for all serious students of Taekwon-Do. The manual contains the full syllabus of fundamental movements, kicking, self defense, theory, power breaking, special technique, physical tests, step sparring, sparring. The detailed theory section contains all the questions and the answers to the questions you may be asked at each grade. The manual also contains a technical reference on all Taekwon-Do techniques from white to black belt, the stories behind each pattern and a terminology dictionary. All of this for just €20.00. Email for more info or to make an order.

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ITA Table Cloth

The Official ITA Table Cloth is especially useful for conducting club gradings. It is machine washable, contains the ITA, ITF, AETF, TAB and IMAC Logos, all in full colour. The cost of the table cloth is €140.00



ITA Dan Grade Ties

ITA Ties must be worn by all ITA Black Belts at official events such as, tournaments, meetings, AGM etc. The Ties are colour coded depending on the grade, blue for I - III Dan, red for IV - VI Dan, Gold for VII - VIII Dan and White for IX Dan. The cost of the Tie is €20.00





ITA Personalised Leather Folders

Personalised with your name, the ITA logo and website address. This professional looking folder can be used at official functions, for club paperwork, attending meetings etc. Cost is €30 per folder.